Foundation Council

Didier Schnorhk
Gretchen Amussen
(appointed by the Council of State)
Eva Aroutunian
(appointed by the Conservatoire de musique de Genève)
Daphné Bengoa
(appointed by the Council of State of Geneva)
Elena Haira
(appointed by the
Association des étudiant-e-s (ADEHEM))
Aviel Cahn
(appointed by the Grand Théâtre de Genève)
Charlotte De Senarclens
(appointed by the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande)
Nicolas Donin
(appointed by the Musicology Department of the Université de Genève)
Christelle Denis-Bolens
(appointed by the
Association du personnel HEM (APHEM) – representative of the administrative and technical staff)
David Poissonnier
representative of those working in education and research)
Cédric Pescia
(appointed by the
Association du personnel HEM (APHEM)
representative of the professors at the HEM)
Niels Sorensen
(appointed by the Council of State of Neuchâtel)

Stefano Saccon
(appointed by the
Confederation of music schools in Geneva - CEGM)
Béatrice Zawodnik
Director of the HEM
Edmée Pasche
Executive assistant to the director of the HEM

Senior Management

Béatrice Zawodnik

Deputy director
Ana Gandara

Executive Assistant to the director
Edmée Pasche

Executive Assistant to the director
Jacqueline Willemin


Coordinator of teaching
Nancy Rieben

Coordinator of research
Rémy Campos

Head of the ethnomusicology course, special projects
Xavier Bouvier

Head of the general pedagogy course
Carine Tripet

Head of the Neuchâtel site and continuing education
René Michon



Head of the keyboard instruments department
Ricardo Castro

Head of the orchestral instruments department
Patrick Lehmann

Head of the vocal department
Nina Uhari

Head of the early music department
Elizabeth Dobbin

Head of the music and movement department
Florence Jaccottet

Head of the composition and theory department
Nicolas Bolens


Orchestral instruments
Daphnée Dumusc

 Vocal & keyboard instruments
Rebecca Sélitrenny and 
Welis Besse (a.i)

Early music & theory and composition
Alexandra Siegenthaler

Music amd movement
Peggy Siegfried Pittet

Kevin Valente

Studies office

Rue de la Synagogue 35
Opening hours: open for students from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 12pm

Studies advisor, head of the studies office
Joëlle-Anne Cavat

Assistant to the studies advisor, head of the departmental secretariats
Abigail Van Elderen Mauron

Nastassja Boehm

General planning for exams, admissions exams, immatriculations
Aline Besson

European and international mobility, international relations, bursaries
Jean-Eudes Ody

Pre-college curriculum

Jonas Grenier

Christelle Denis-Bolens

Reception desks

Administration, teaching and admissions

Rue de la Synagogue 35
Opening hours: 9am to 5pm every weekday.
Phone number: 022 558 50 40

Wenda MonotJudith Barreiro

Rooms and events

Rue du Général Dufour 2
Opening hours: 8am to 7pm on weekdays and 8am to 12pm on Saturdays.
Phone number: 022 558 60 50

Anneline WongCamille De Paoli, Leslie Dominguez

Human Resources

HR Specialist, head of human resources
Maya Kaeser

HR Assistant
Valérie Martin

Teaching staff, intermediary corps and PAT
Azucena Giron

Stand-ins, remunerated students,
staff expenses, charge sheets

Anne Torresan
Nathalie Kowlessur

Cloé Villant

Equal opportunities and sustainability

Equal opportunities

Rue de la Synagogue 35
Responsible for equal opportunities
Christelle Denis-Bolens
HES-SO Genève - Equal opportunities


Rue de la Synagogue 35
Head of sustainability
Johann Vacher


Head of accounting
Alexandra Delle Rose

Management of projects and suppliers
Aline Folgar

Invoicing and expenses
Zoe Balestra


Head of IT support
Antonio Dell’Acqua

Call center
Phone number: +41 22 558 58 58

Technical matters and logistics

Rue du Général-Dufour 2
Phone number: +41 22 558 60 50

Head of technical matters and logistics
Michel Gonin

Anneline WongCamille De Paoli

Inventories and management of loans of instruments
Damien Hempler

Management of rooms
Patrice Foresi

Orchestra managers
Dragan BajicBastien Dechaume

Management of early keyboard instruments  
Damien Hempler

Upkeep and maintenance
Maria RosendeMichele Stapane


Head of production
Clément Dumortier
Phone number: +41 22 558 54 36

Staff members
Lisa Guigonis
Phone number: +41 22 558 59 64

Jorge Barrachina
Phone number: +41 22 558 62 02

Communication and public relations

Head of communication and public relations
Jean-Alexis Toubhantz
T. +41 22 558 72 78

Staff members
Rossana Giovannini
T. +41 22 558 65 19

Dionys Bresson
T. +41 22 558 55 38

Elisa Veltri