Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about admission to HEM courses. Further information can be obtained from the study office:

Is it possible to apply for two subjects or two courses?

Candidates can attend two admissions exams, but it is not possible to take two courses simultaneously. The admissions tax only needs to be paid once, even if the candidate attends two admissions exams. 

How are the results of the admissions exams communicated to the candidates?

The results of the tests are communicated to the candidates by email a few days after the exam. Eligible candidates also receive a message telling them that they are on the waiting list and will be contacted if a place becomes available.

How long can a candidate stay on the waiting list for? 

The waiting list remains active until the end of the first term. If a place becomes available, the eligible candidate receives an email from the administration.

Can candidates bring their own accompanist to the admissions exam?

No: in order to guarantee fairness, only the authorised accompanist may accompany the admissions exam when it takes place at the HEM. Candidates receive the accompanist’s contact details in their invitation.

In the video recording sent by the candidates, pieces that require accompaniment must be accompanied (by a piano, a harpsichord, etc.). It is therefore the candidates’ responsibility to find someone to accompany them. 

How do I obtain a visa for taking the admissions exams in Geneva?

Once the admission pack has been sent, you should request a visa by sending an email to It is advisable to arrange this well ahead of time, as the necessary steps sometimes take time.

How much does the course cost?

Where can I check the study plans?

Take a look at the ‘courses’ section and click on the course desired: 

How can I find student accommodation in Geneva?

Is it possible to get a bursary, and if so, how?

What is the cost of living in Geneva?

The body in charge of student-related matters for HES-SO Geneva: 

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