The recording studio at the Haute école de musique de Genève (HEM) is a professional facility that enables the students to come face to face with the demands of the production environment, whether in the context of international competitions or school projects. Its pedagogical purpose is paramount, enabling the musicians who use it to become listeners and critics of the material they themselves are serving up, in order to create a connection between the musical will of the artist and its effect on the listener. It also fulfills the task of familiarizing the students with the recording and post-production processes.

When it comes to research, the recording studio is at the centre of partnerships with numerous internationally renowned institutions (IRCAM, McGill University); it is an essential cog in terms of broadcasting the school’s important artistic events and for preserving records of them in a range of formats (audio or video, stereo, binaural, transaural, 5.1, ambisonic, etc.).