The Blackbox plays a central role in the development of contemporary artistic and musical practices at the HEM. Thanks to its advanced technological infrastructure and its creative atmosphere, it encourages innovation and artistic exploration. This unique space is enabling the HEM’s students to push back the boundaries of art and music, while giving the public some unforgettable artistic experiences that can only enrich their lives.

The Blackbox is a space for multidisciplinary creativity at the Haute école de musique de Genève (HEM). Initially conceived by the Centre de musique électroacoustique (CME), it is located on the top floor of the Dufour building and is intended to be an open and experimental place dedicated to artistic projects, concerts, workshops and classes on multi-media, digital and mixed-media composition. The Blackbox also plays host to a large number of lectures, events and performances organised by the HEM. 

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that is regularly renewed and updated, the Blackbox offers an impressive dome made up of twenty-six speakers, allowing for three-dimensional and immersive sound distribution using the most advanced techniques in this area. Given that it combines these capabilities with the numerous possibilities afforded by video projection, the Blackbox is the perfect place to experiment on projects centred around new media and interactive performances. It is a space that can be altered and adapted in countless ways, providing the HEM’s creators with a place for experimentation. 

Thanks to this cutting-edge technical infrastructure, the students and artists can explore and push back the limits of their creations. Whether it’s to create interactive art installations, present immersive multimedia shows or experiment with new forms of artistic expression, the Blackbox offers a stimulating and inspiring environment. 

Since it regularly hosts lectures, events and performances, the Blackbox is also becoming a place for the sharing and dissemination of knowledge. The students and the general public can attend presentations by experts in a range of artistic and musical domains, thereby enriching their apprenticeship and their understanding of these disciplines.