Foreign students registered at the HEM who are residing in Switzerland are obliged to apply for a residence permit for training, which theoretically provides entitlement to a temporary residence permit. The competent authorities will demand that the studies are followed on a full-time basis. For people from countries subject to visas, the applications must be presented before they enter Switzerland. Tourism visas are not transformed into residence permits for studies after they arrive in Switzerland (further information can be obtained from the consular authorities in other countries). In order to renew residence permits, it is important to take action as early as possible at the Office Cantonal de la Population, as applications that are submitted late are subject to an additional tax.

In Geneva

Office Cantonal de la Population et des Migrations
+41 22 546 48 88
Email contact:

- For people from a country that is a member state of the EU/EFTA
Request for a permit for an EU/EFTA student

- For those from a third country outside the EU/EFTA
Request for a permit for a student from a Third-party country

- To renew residence permits

In Neuchâtel

Office du séjour et de l’établissement
Email contact:
+41 32 889 63 10

- For those from a member state of the EU/EFTA (Topics/ Migration and integration/ Extended stays and establishments/ Citizens from member states of the European Union/Students)

- For those from a third-party state outside the EU/EFTA
Applications must be made three months before the start of the course. (Topics/ Migration and integration/ Extended stays and establishments/ Individuals from outside Europe/ Students)

Request for a graduation certificate for the provision of the student residence permit

At the start of each term, the students can download an official certificate of registration with the HEM on the student portal. It is with the help of this certificate that those from foreign countries can obtain a student residence permit.