Courses taken by students from other disciplines as part of an institutional partnership

As part of validated and credited teaching exchanges, the Haute école de musique de Genève welcomes students:

  •  Erasmus programme,
  •  from other schools in the Music and Performing Arts section of the HES-SO,
  •  the Université de Genève,
  •  from the Écoles de culture générale en maturité spécialisée musique,
  •  the Confédération des écoles genevoises de musique (Precollege programme),
  •  etc.

Courses taken as a free student

Under certain conditions, courses may be taken on an à la carte basis as part of continuing education.

Free students are subject to the assessments set out in the description of the teaching unit concerned.

The fees are as follows:

Group courses

CHF 650.-
by course and by year

Semi-group courses and workshops

CHF 1’300.-
by course and by year

Individual courses

CHF 5’300.-
by course and by year


Courses attended as an auditor

Certain group courses at the HEM can be taken as an auditor. This status does not entitle you to take part in assessments or to acquire ECTS credits. Each course costs CHF 50 per semester.

Depending on the courses chosen, a general music training test may be required: