The equal opportunities policy is a priority for the HEM. A stakeholder in HES-SO Genève, it stems from a constitutional and legal mandate on the part of the Hautes écoles spécialisées which is centred around special cross-discipline activities adapted to suit each school.

The HEM’s equal opportunities department (EGC) collaborates directly with the HES-SO’s Equality and Diversity Department, the Equal Opportunities department of HES-SO Genève and the 5 other departmental managers from each of the HES-SO Genève schools.

A place where students can really be listened to and get support, information and guidance, the Equal opportunities department has four main sectors of activity.

Welcoming students with special needs

Thanks to the support systems and sensible arrangements that have been put in place, the HEM’s EGC department ensures that it gives students with special needs a teaching and working environment that guarantees calm and suitable conditions for study.

Information for students with special needs
Additional information: HES-SO Genève website

Promoting gender equality

Thanks to targeted communication or cross-departmental events within the institution or in collaboration with HES-SO Genève’s EGC department, the HEM’s EGC department is establishing a policy aimed at making gender equality an important institutional value.

Support policy of HES-SO Genève promoting equal opportunities - Guide

HES-SO recommendations for inclusive communication

Tackling violence and discrimination

Acting with complete confidentiality, the EGC respondent is the person at the HEM who makes it possible to create a safe space for anyone who deems themselves to have been the victim of an attack on their personal integrity and personality.

Beyond the actions conducted to reinforce the response when it comes to combating all forms of violence, the EGC department may take action, in particular, as a mediator in situations where discrimination is alleged within the establishment.

Unhappiness, harassment, violence
On the intranet

Fostering cultural diversity

The HEM recognizes and promotes the diversity of all those studying and working within its walls, and pays particular attention to cultural diversity.

The Equal opportunities department strives to implement a sustained, inclusive policy that meets the challenges of cultural and social diversity, which it considers to be of fundamental importance.

Contact information

AT the HEM

Christelle Denis-Bolens

Other contact people

HES-SO Genève
Jesusa Ona
Head of equal opportunities HES-SO Genève
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LAVI Genève Centre (Association providing Aid to Victims of Infringements)

In cases of sexual harassment, the LAVI centres offer immediate and free assistance at the medical, psychological and social level, along with advice on any legal steps that may need to be taken.

72 Boulevard Saint-Georges
1205 Geneva
Phone number: +41 22 320 01 02
Email address

Trusted external resources
Human Capital Partners (

Answers your calls and messages Monday to Friday, from 8:30am to 6:30pm
Phone number: +41 22 736 33 07
Email address

Specialist external bodies

There are several bodies in Geneva that offer listening and consultancy services associated with personal assaults. A few examples are given below, by way of illustration.

Centre Ecoute Contre le Racisme (Listening Centre for Combating Racism)

Phone number: +41 22 736 20 00

Fédération genevoise des associations LGBT (Genevan Federation of LGBT associations)

Email address


Support for women in the professionnel, legal and psycho-social domains

Email address
Phone number: + 41 22 740 31 00

Association viol-secours Genève (Rape emergency support association)


La Main Tendue (The Outstretched Hand)

offers a confidential and anonymous round-the-clock listening service
Phone number: 143

The UIMPV (Inter-disciplinary unit for medicine and prevention of violence)

Boulevard de la Cluse 75
1205 Genève
2ème étage
Phone number: +41 22 372 96 41

Stop Suicide