Students can borrow instruments for the second instrument class, to prepare an orchestral session or for chamber music lessons.

Terms and conditions

Any equipment that is loaned out by the school (solely upon presentation of a student card) is under the responsibility of the student who borrowed it. This means that if an item is lost, stolen or damaged, the student shall be fully responsible for replacing or repairing it.

No lending of instruments shall be granted to students who have not paid their student tax, or if the instrument in question is their main instrument. The student therefore undertakes, at the time of hiring, to meet their responsibilities. The student card is requested at the time the instrument is collected.

The duration of the loan is determined by the instrument hire department. Students may be invoiced for any equipment that is not handed back on time, and any delay may result in the student being denied access to the instrument hire department.

Use of the equipment in a foreign country is prohibited. Requests for exemptions must be submitted to the Management. In the case of a loan of equipment outside Switzerland, a special procedure is put in place to insure the instrument.

The costs of insurance and expert analysis are paid by the borrower. An RC insurance certificate is requested for the loan.

In Geneva

The student must fill in the instrument hire request form, then submit it to reception in rue de la Synagogue. The request must be approved by the Head of the department concerned, by the invoicing department, which checks whether the student tax has been paid, then by the Head of technical and logistical matters, who checks whether the instrument is available in the period in question.

In Neuchâtel

The student must obtain the necessary information from the secretary’s office.
Phone number : +41 32 930 21 24