Rules and instructions for video recording

Irrespective of where they live and whether they can travel to the grounds of the HEM, candidates are invited to send in a video recording of the programme they indicated in their application pack for admission. No auditions will take place at the higher school’s premises, except for the courses, areas of study and main subjects expressly stated.

Before starting your recording, please familiarize yourself with the following rules and instructions:

  • The duration and composition of the programme recorded must meet the repertoire requirements indicated on the HEM’s website.
  • Pieces that require accompaniment must be accompanied (by a piano, a harpsichord, etc.).
  • Each work or movement required by the exam repertoire must be recorded in full, without any editing or cutting.
  • Each work from the progamme may form the subject of a separate video.
  • The video must be shot with a camera that is in a fixed position, with a large image, and facing you (with the camera placed where the audience would normally be), and the candidate must be visible at all times.
  • The recording must be one that has specifically been made for the current admissions session in 2024. Videos of public concerts will not be taken into consideration.
  • At the start of each work, the candidate must orally state, into the camera:
    • their full name
    • the name of the composer and the title of the work,
    • the date of the recording,
    • and specify that the recording is intended for the 2024 admissions exam at the HEM.
  • The file must be sent in the mp4 or MOV format and must have a maximum size of 2.5 GB.

PLEASE NOTE: Any video that fails to comply with one of these rules and instructions will not be taken into consideration and the candidate will be deemed ineligible.

The online registration form must be validated once and for all, and the video recording(s) must then be placed here:

The recordings must be sent by 12 noon (on the dot) on 18 March 2024, at the latest.  Recordings sent after this date will not be taken into consideration and the application will be deemed null and void.