On-site residence, co-tenancies, homestays, living in Geneva or in neighbouring France: find out about the housing possibilities that exist in the region.

Just like the students from the Université, students at HES may stay in one of a number of HES and university households or share an apartment under a co-tenancy. The average price of a room varies each month, from CHF 700 to CHF 1,300 in Geneva and from CHF 450 to CHF 800 in Neuchâtel.

Given that the supply of housing is limited, particularly at the start of the academic year, you are advised to carry out research in advance.

In Geneva

Within the limits of the spaces available, students of the HES may find accommodation at the residences managed by the Fondation geloge: the residences in Champel, Dassier and Pinchat.

Fondation geloge website
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Other housing solutions are also available:

Association Genevoise pour le Logement des Apprenti-e-s et Etudiant-e-s (AGLAE)
L'étage étudiant hall of residence ( Register between January and March) 
Hall of residence Point Commun
Cité universitaire de Genève 
Hall of residence Grand Morillon
Hall of residence Henry-Dunant
Hall of residence La Ciguë 
1h par m2

Students from a member state of the EU/EFTA, who are registered on the website of Geneva, also have the option of residing across the border in France (Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, Annemasse, Ferney-Voltaire and in the area around "Grand Genevois"), thus enabling them to enjoy more favourable housing conditions.

In Neuchâtel

HousingAnywhere has the aim of facilitating international student exchanges. The HEM is a partner of this programme, which helps exchange students, particularly those on the Erasmus programme, to find accommodation. It’s a simple concept: when they leave, the students let their room, for the duration of their studies abroad, to the students arriving, via this exchange platform. To date, more than 55 universities around the world have signed up to offer this solution to their pupils.

HousingAnywhere is a free platform and it is for students only. You need to have a student email address to post an ad.

HousingAnywhere website
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