The Association des étudiant-e-s de la HEM - the ADEHEM in Geneva and the ANEHEM in Neuchâtel - is an association that students can join on a voluntary basis, subject to a fee of CHF 15. During its meetings, the committee hosts members who are anxious to pass on their problems or ideas to it, in order to strengthen ties and improve the life of the student community. Its committee is elected at an annual general assembly, along with its officials, made up of a chairperson, a secretary, a treasurer and an assistant.

The purpose of the ADEHEM is to:

  • organise internal events at HEM and external ones (concerts, parties, sporting events);
  • highlight certain problems (rooms, problems with equipment, etc.);
  • create a link between the students and the Management and play the role of spokesperson.

In Geneva, the Association participates in the Commission consultative tripartite, which brings together representatives of the Management, the teaching body and the administrative and technical staff. Its consultative role covers all the problems that may be raised by any of the parties. In collaboration with the Management, the ADEHEM also manages the Permanence des étudiant-e-s.

Finally, the ADEHEM regularly organises performances that enable the students to appear in public. Through its forum, the Association provides a networking space for people looking for musicians for a wide variety of services.


Contact information

In Geneva

Facebook: Adehem Geneva
Email address
In person: office in room B305 in the HEM building, rue Petitot;

In Neuchâtel 

Facebook: Adehem Neuchâtel
Email address