Ancillary activities and student jobs

With the prior consent of the Office Cantonal de la Population, the students may work for a maximum of 15 hours a week (and on a full-time basis during the school holidays). It is the employer’s job to provide the Office Cantonal de la Population with the request for ancillary activity. Students from outside Europe who have the benefit of a "Séjour temporaire pour études" (Temporary residence for studies) permit may only carry out remunerated activity 6 months after the start of their studies.

Please note: Students carrying out activity on a remunerated basis must, as a mandatory requirement, take out insurance in Switzerland (principle of insurance instead of employment). Students with private insurance may be exempted from this, as long as their insurance cover is equivalent and they make a request for dispensation from the SAM, via the form.

HES students have access to the Université de Genève’s Careers Centre platform, on which temporary job offers can be found.
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Student jobs at the HEM

Orchestra-workshop, choir-workshop, CMG-HEM library, Dufour reception, cleaning and maintenance of keyboard instruments, preparation of scores and other one-off forms of support for certain projects (productions, research, communication).

Contact: The HEM’s Human Resources Department
+41 22 558 50 40
Monday to Friday, from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 4pm

Orchestra workshop

The orchestra workshop is at the disposal of the orchestra directing classes, and meets approximately once a month. Students wanting to take part are invited to contact the secretary of the orchestral instruments department. Musicians are then selected by the head of the department.

Choir workshop

The choir workshop is at the disposal of the choral direction classes, and meets approximately one weekend a month. Students wanting to take part are invited to contact the secretary of the vocal department. Singers are selected by the professor of choral direction, during a performance at the start of the academic year.

Tax at source

Tax at source will be imposed on all those holding a B permit, cross-border workers, who will receive an annual salary certificate in January that will indicate the amount received throughout the year. For income that is lower than CHF 2300 per year (all employment taken together), it is possible to request reimbursement of this tax.

The form ‘Request for correction to taxation at source’ must be filled in, and a tick put in the box marked ‘Correction to tax rate’.