Precollege curriculum

The Haute école de musique de Genève coordinates the precollege course on the basis of a mandate from the Département de l’Instruction Publique and in direct collaboration with the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève, the Conservatoire populaire de musique danse théâtre and the accredited schools of the Confédération des Écoles Genevoises de Musique. The Precollege Music courses form a high-quality network of institutions at federal level and comply with the international standards drawn up by the umbrella organization European Music School Union.

Contact informations:
Jonas Grenier,
coordination ( – 022 558 76 94)
Christelle Denis-Bolens, secretariat ( – 022 558 53 69)

Objective of the precollege course

This structure has the objective of giving talented young musicians the best possible preparation, by strengthening creative, personal and interpersonal skills in pupils wanting to participate in the admissions competitions of the Hautes écoles de musique de Suisse or at any other professional music schools. To fulfill this objective, the Haute école de musique relies on the introduction, at a federal level, of a promotional programme for Young Talents and Precollege labeling.

Contents of the precollege course

Those of the CEGM’s pupils who benefit from this programme remain affiliated to their respective institution through the implementation of a common educational trunk (instrument course, musical education course and ensemble course) while benefiting from the precollege course infrastructure. In addition to personalized support, the HEM organizes specific modules for each term (chamber music internships and inter-disciplinary workshops) along with joint activities with the teaching body ensemble (masterclasses and sponsorships). The performances that take place each term and the admissions tests and interim exams organised in April and May also come under the responsibility of the precollege course coordinators; representatives of the HEM, the Conservatoires and the CEGM’s accredited schools are therefore present as a matter of course.

Special access

The precollege course gives pupils the ability to take courses in musical culture in the first year of the BA (after evaluation in this case, and subject to the number of places available), so as to enable them to familiarize themselves with the work of the pupils in the professional classes. The pupils on the precollege course also have the ability to include the DIP’s Sport-Art-Études (Sport-Art-Studies) programme (with adapted school hours) in the orientation cycle, at the college in Geneva and at the school of general culture.

Thanks to strong links with the pre-professional education programmes run by our partners in Neuchâtel, the pupils on the precollege course in Geneva can benefit from being part of a federal network and thus have access to specific features of the inter-cantonal programmes for promoting young talent.