At the heart of the HEM, the Centre de musique électroacoustique (CME) is our Hub for innovation, collaboration and artistic exploration. It meets the multiple needs of students and professors in various disciplines.

A catalyst for inter-disciplinary exchange, the CME offers access to the latest technologies and equipment, so that artistic visions can be brought to life within a culture of exchange that combines music, technology and new media.

From instrumental composition to multimedia composition, the CME is a pedagogical resource that enables the students to explore their passions and develop their professional skills.

The CME is actively exploring the latest technological and practical creative breakthroughs, in order to push back the limits of what is possible in music and multimedia art forms. In partnership with the HEAD, the HES-SO network and Ircam, the CME remains at the cutting edge of the emerging trends and technologies.

By taking part in a wide range of programmes and events, lectures, workshops, concerts and shows, the CME offers students precious opportunities to expand their list of contacts and contribute intensively to the local artistic community.