Thinking about and describing orchestra competitions : a critical and reflective look at the selection processes

Person(s) in charge


Start date: 2019

Presentation of the project

This project fits into a vast amount of thinking that is going on about the dynamics of professional inclusion for orchestra musicians that began in the autumn of 2014, when the Haute école de musique de Genève launched a series of quantitative and qualitative investigations around its Alumni.    One of the findings from this series of interviews was that the orchestra competition played a determining role in the accomplishment of musicians’ personal and professional trajectories.  The main goal of this project is therefore to develop and deepen our thinking about a suitable selection process for entering into a career as an artist-performer-employee: it will rely on a bridge-building dialogue between all the key players involved on the ground (applicants, juries, educators, students and directors of institutions), aimed at devising a method for describing and analysing orchestra competitions.        

The main objective of this project is to end up with a better understanding of the selection process, the artistic, social and economic stakes of which are yet to be described and understood.