Admission to the Bachelor of Arts programme at the Haute école de musique de Genève is by competitive examination.

Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree must hold a "maturité gymnasiale", a "maturité professionnelle", a "maturité spécialisée en musique" or an equivalent qualification. For more information: Under certain conditions, the HEM may waive this requirement if the student demonstrates outstanding musical talent.

Applicants must submit an application by the deadline. Candidates taking an admission test in distance mode must send their video recording by the deadline. If the application is complete and admissible, they will receive confirmation by email. Candidates applying for a face-to-face admission test will be invited to the test if their application is complete and admissible. This stage is followed by an admission interview and a general music training test (conducted remotely).

Applicants admitted to several schools in French-speaking Switzerland (Geneva, Neuchâtel, Lausanne, Fribourg or Sion) have until 31 May to choose the site where they wish to study.

Applications documents

Deadline for all disciplines: 1 March 2024

The admission file consists of the following documents, which must be attached to the online form:

  • a letter stating your motivation for these studies and your career goals;
  • a curriculum vitae (resume) giving details of your general studies (Maturité, baccalauréat, university studies, etc.), musical studies and professional activities;
  • a portrait photograph;
  • a copy of your identity card and Swiss residence permit, if available;
  • a list of repertoire worked on during your studies;
  • a copy of the certificate of access to higher education (maturité, baccalauréat, Zeugnis der allgemeinen Hochschulreife, General Certificate of Education, Kotogakko, etc.) with all interim annual and final transcripts;
  • a copy of any music diplomas already obtained and transcripts;
  • a list of works to be performed in the instrumental or vocal test;
  • a proof of payment of the admission fee (CHF 80.-).

Applications must be complete to be accepted.

Recommendations for completing the online form

  • Step 1: Up until the beginning of February, fill in all the required information and gather all the documents to be attached to the application form. Scan the documents into a suitable format.
  • Stage 2: During February: attach all the compulsory and additional documents in one go and pay the admission fee.
  • Step 3: Complete the operation by clicking on "validate" between now and 1 March. Until this operation has been completed, the form will not be transmitted and the application will therefore not be sent. An automatic acknowledgement of receipt is sent when the form has been successfully submitted.
Practical examination

A list of required repertoires for the practical examination (according to the discipline chosen) is available at test repertoire.
Applicants must also submit a list of the works to be performed during the instrumental or vocal test, including the required repertoires.

Consult the calendar for the 2024-2025 admission tests