Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture

Interior spaces are nowadays laboratories of contemporaneity. Whether it is through renovation projects, temporary scenography or artistic installations, the interiors have become an endless arena for the exploration of cultural, environmental and social agendas that transform the contemporary condition from within.

The BA in Interior Architecture is a three-year undergraduate programme that prepares its students for a professional career in interior design. The curriculum focuses on the variety of spaces, objects and societies that configure contemporary interiors in every domain and on every scale, from private to public, local to global. The courses combine studio projects on different aspects of the discipline (private/public interiors, heritage renovation, scenography, object design) with theory modules (history/theory of architecture and design) and technical modules (construction and materiality, energy and sustainability, analogue and digital representation, professional practice). Students in the BA programme are thus led to master every aspect of the profession, while learning to position themselves on contemporary issues.

Interaction with reality
A primary quality of the Bachelor program is its constant interaction with reality: the Interior Architecture Department often collaborates with design organizations, institutions and companies. Thus, students are required to work on real projects (domestic, commercial, work spaces, exhibitions or temporary scenography) preparing them for all the conceptual, technical and administrative aspects inherent in professional practice. Recent work by our students includes projects presented at Designers' Saturdays in Langenthal, Open House in Genthod, Mudac in Lausanne, as well as collaborations with prestigious commercial brands such as AesopBucherer or USM.

International Community 
The student community of the Interior Architecture Department works closely with an international team of interior architects, designers and experts in various fields. Welcoming guests and renowned lecturers from all backgrounds, the BA programme is conceived as a space of freedom and responsibility, both professional and social. A significant aspect consists of incorporating other perspectives to avoid a monolithic and exclusively Western vision of history, design and art: our approach to education praises diversity, and we encourage students to develop their own creative identity. The curriculum is supplemented with workshops, public conferences, exhibitions and study trips.

HEAD – Genève: the Institution and the city 
The BA in Interior Architecture provides students with the opportunity to interact with a broader community that includes other subjects taught at HEAD–Genève such as Visual Communication, Cinema, Fine Arts, Fashion Design and Media Design. Workshops and cross-disciplinary courses are regularly organised to introduce multidisciplinary programmes and arouse interdisciplinary creativity. On HEAD’s new campus, students work in spacious design studios and have access to advanced technical workshops (wood, metal, prototyping, models, photography). Finally, the school is located in Geneva, a city where architecture and design have made remarkable headway, with numerous cultural institutions such as Maison de l’Architecture and Pavillon Sicli.

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Head of Department
Javier Fernandez Contreras

Scientific Deputy
Valentina De Luigi

Lucie Landenbergue

Camille Bagnoud
Kimberley Berney
Robin Delerce
Cécile-Diama Samb
Damien Greder
Phi Nguyen
Paule Perron

Teaching staff
Endrias Abeyi
Ahmed Belkhodja
Irma Cilacian Gandolfi
Yves Corminboeuf
Line Fontana
Simon Husslein
Youri Kravtchenko
Leonid Slonimskiy
Roberto Zancan
Michael-Franz Jakob
Ana Afonso Ferreira Soares
Philippe Rahm

Invited speakers

Tommaso Colombo, Luciano DellOrefice, Valentin Dubois, Alice Dunoyer et Florine Wescher (Chantier Ouvert), Remo et Carmen Derungs Sébastien Grosset, Thomas Juguin, Les Crafties, Christophe Lombardo, Dorothée Loustalot, Valentine Maeder, Federico Neder, Manon Portera, Albert Schrurs, Bertrand Van Dorp