Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture

Gone are the days when interior architects simply designed dwelling spaces by choosing furniture to go with the colour of the walls. In response to the housing shortage in cities and the concentration of housing in the suburbs, the emergence of eco-districts and people’s growing awareness of their impact on the environment, interior architects must now, just like architects, respond to all these new issues. They must not only be constantly aware of the solutions offered by the design and architecture market and keep abreast of the most recent scientific and socioeconomic breakthroughs in their region, but also look at responses in other parts of the world. The practical and theoretical training provided by HEAD Geneva’s Interior Architecture faculty equips its students to deal with these new realities.


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Federico Neder, Alexandre Comby, Cohann Remy, Matthias Grau, Christophe Lombardo, Robert Beffa, Dorothée Loustalot