Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture

Interior spaces are nowadays laboratories of modernity. Whether it is through renovation projects, temporary scenography or artistic installations, the interiors have become an endless arena for the exploration of cultural, political and social agendas that transform the contemporary condition.

The BA in Interior Architecture is a three-year undergraduate programme that prepares students for a professional career in interior architecture. The different teaching programmes focus on the variety of spaces, objects and people that help configure contemporary interiors in every domain and on every scale, from private to public, local to global. Studies combine project workshops focusing on various aspects of the subject (housing, renovation of heritage buildings, scenography, social practices, commercial premises) with theory (history and theory of architecture and design) and technical teaching modules (construction and materials, energy and sustainability, analogue and digital representation, knowledge of the industry, etc.). Students in the BA programme are thus led to develop every aspect of the profession, while learning to position themselves on contemporary issues.

Interaction with reality
One of the prime qualities of the BA programme is its constant interaction with reality: the Interior Architecture Department often takes on commissions from companies and organisations. Thus, students are led to work on real-life projects (homes, commercial premises, workspace, exhibition halls and temporary scenography), introducing them to the conceptual, technical and administrative aspects inherent to the industry. Our students’ recent works include projects presented at the Furniture Fair in Milan, Designers’ Saturdays in Langenthal, the Design Parade in Toulon as well as collaborations with prestigious brand names such as Aesop, Bucherer and USM. 

International Community 
The student community of the Interior Architecture Department works closely with an international team of interior architects, designers and experts in various fields. Welcoming guests and renowned lecturers from all backgrounds, the BA teaching programme is designed to be a space of freedom and responsibility, personal as well as social. A significant dimension consists of incorporating other perspectives to avoid a monolithic and exclusively Western vision of history, society, design and art: our approach to education values diversity, and we encourage students to develop their own creative identity. The curriculum is supplemented with meetings, public conferences, exhibitions and study trips. 

HEAD – Genève: the Institution and the City 
The BA in Interior Architecture provides students with the opportunity to interact with a broader community that includes other subjects taught at HEAD – Genève such as Visual Communication, Cinema, Fine Arts and Media Design. Workshops and cross-disciplinary courses are regularly organised to introduce multidisciplinary programmes and arouse interdisciplinary creativity. On HEAD’s new campus, students work in spacious design studios and have access to quality technical workshops (wood, metal, prototyping, models, photo). Finally, the school is located in Geneva, a city where architecture and design have made remarkable headway, with numerous cultural institutions such as Maison de l’Architecture’s activities and Pavillon Sicli.

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Robert Beffa, Alexandre Comby, Claudio Colucci, Ciszak Dalmas, Luciano Dell’Orefice, Jean-Jacques Ezrati, Sébastien Grosset, Michael Jakob, Christophe Lombardo, Dorothée Loustalot, Aurélie Monet-Kasisi, Federico Neder, Manon Thomas, Cohann Rémy, Studio Banana, JoAnn Tan