Fine Arts - Work.Master Contemporary Artistic Practices

The Work.Master programme offers dedicated spaces (both physical and conceptual) for you to develop your artistic practice, irrespective of medium, aesthetics or format. Open to pooling research activities as well as expanding and specifying your area of research, the programme is geared towards enhancing, challenging and shaping your ideas, while also generating new ones.
The aim is to expand practical and theoretical horizons, carry out diverse, heterogeneous projects through contact with other participants as well as artists, curators, theoreticians and worldwide art stakeholders.

The teaching staff, which includes regular speakers and many guests, works together with you, both collectively and individually, and focuses its approach on artistic work on the basis of 1:1 tuition and individual research.

The Work.Master programme is based on four core activities:
- Work in studios and individual research, in workrooms made available within the school.
- Critical Sessions, where you learn to master means of presentation and analytical resources for your work.
- Lab.Zones, which feature projects that focus on a specific issue. These are variable-geometry laboratories, geared towards experimentation, that mobilise collective energies. They are led by artists and theoreticians, teachers and guests of the programme.
- Seminars, which provide a basis for theoretical and methodological reflection, led by theoreticians from various backgrounds (philosophy, history of art, anthropology, etc.), themselves engaged in a variety of activities most often relating to criticism, writing, research and the production of exhibitions and editorial formats.

Head of Department


Teaching staff

Invited speakers

Marie Angeletti, Mathieu Copeland, Andreas Dobler, Jill Gasparina, Fabrice Gygi, Lars Bang Larsen, Tobias Madison, Paulina Olowska, Mai-Thu Perret, Dan Solbach