Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication

The BA in Visual Communication trains future graphic designers in the major disciplines of the field: editorial design, space design, visual identity, and interactive design. During the three years of study, students acquire all the tools, from the most traditional to the most innovative, and develop great formal and intellectual versatility enabling them to position themselves as autonomous and committed creators.

Teaching, which includes various work methods, personal follow-up, and the realisation of fictitious projects and real commissions, is carried out by practitioners and theoreticians in the field and favours a cross-disciplinary approach in order to facilitate professional integration in an environment that features ever-changing technology.

Drawing on the tradition and culture of Swiss graphic design as well as on the new challenges linked to the digital transition, the BA in Visual Communication maintains a privileged link with the BA in Illustration and the MA in Media Design. Within the course, particular attention is paid to the creation of images, both still and moving, and to narrative, interactive design, and digital cultures.

A series of lectures and workshops led by internationally renowned speakers allows each participant to develop a personal graphic and visual culture while understanding the societal and artistic issues of the contemporary world.

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Bachelor of Arts HES-SO in Visual Communication

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Bastien Aubry, Florine Bonaventure, Baptiste Brunello, Giliane Cachin, Olga Cafiero, Collection Revue, Sandra Carrera, Alex Dujet, Roger Gaillard, Matthieu Gafsou, Karen Gliozzo-Schmutz, Aude Lehmann, Martin Maeder, Maximage, Raynald Métraux, Cécile Nanjoud, Karl Nawrot, Thomas Perrodin, Aurélie William Levaux