Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication

Bachelor in Visual Communication training course covers graphic design in all its dimensions, formats and media. Students explore the issues of Visual Communication between print and digital. Learning the fundamentals, page layout and typographic composition provides the necessary basis for experimenting with the various aspects (visual identity, editorial graphics, interaction and motion design, signage, scenography, creation of typographic characters) of the trade. 

The strong link between theory and practice leads students to work on conceptual and formal aspects and develops their critical positioning. It also stimulates their autonomy of thought and expression. 
The studies include cross-curricular courses with the BA in Illustration in order to enrich the students’ visual culture and foster experimentation on the multiple links between the two fields: common tools, analogue and digital, story and information scripting, conceptual articulation of text and images. 

The curriculum follows as closely as possible the developments of a discipline that is constantly changing. The students’ own methodologies are developed through the diversity of projects, whether experimental or in a professional context with concrete productions for clients. 

The acquisition of a visual culture that draws from many fields (plastic arts, performing arts, cinema, music, popular and digital culture) enables the students to develop and assert their personality. This teaching is complemented with a series of lectures and workshops given by professionals in the field.

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Degree awarded: 
Bachelor of Arts HES-SO in Visual Communication

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Bruno Aeberli, Bastien Aubry, Brigade Cynophile, Collection Revue, Sandra Carrera, Jonathan Castro, Camille Dedieu, Alex Dujet, Roger Gaillard, Karen Gliozzo-Schmutz, Maximage, Karelle Ménine, Raynald Métraux, Rebecca Metzger, Cécile Monnier, Cécile Nanjoud, Karl Nawrot, NORM, Nathalie Sebayashi