Chair in Watch Design

A course option as part of the Fashion, Jewellery and Accessory Design Department 

Watch Design is a course dedicated to watchmaking design and culture. Students learn about watchmaking design and the marketing and strategic challenges, trends and heritage issues relating to the watchmaking industry. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to work in the field of watchmaking design, either for watchmaking global brands or watch munufacturers. 

The Chair in Watch Design is directed by Valérie Ursenbacher. The teaching staff, which includes international professionals from the watchmaking industry and experts from the field, offer the following programme: 

Watchmaking manufacture and design 
Watchmaking Drawing
Understanding of watchmaking products
Watchmaking complications (in association with the microengineering departement of hepia)
Packaging design and product environment
Advanced 2D design (Adobe Suite) 
Advanced 3D modelling and rendering 
History of watchmaking (in association with Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie) 
Marketing of luxury and watchmaking products 
Brand analysis
Creative projects in association with watchmaking brands

Students will follow the lectures from the core courses of the Bachelor in Product/Jewellery and Accessory Design of the Masters in Fashion and Accessory Design programmes.

Head of Department


Invited speakers

Astrid Alberto, Tiffany Bähler, Nicole Brémond, Valentina Brugnatelli, Cécile et Roger Gaillard, Vanessa Cron, Ligia Dias, Ambroise Degenève, Stéphanie d’Heygère, François Dumas,Jeff Gaudinet, Jiyoun Han, Iulia Hasdeu, Roland Kawczynski, Krzysztof Lukasik, Jérémy Tarian, Lorenzo Vallone, Valérie Vollmuth, Scott Wilson, Elodie Wismer, Nadia Yousfi-Picenni