Bachelor of Arts in Cinema

This three-year bachelor’s course provides a sequence of introductions, discoveries, suggestions and key encounters. Students are invited to produce a number of films, from ones lasting just a few minutes to demanding productions that meet international distributors’ expectations. The workshops and classes on History and Aesthetics of Cinema are developed in dialogue in order to train students in the practices and ideas associated with contemporary cinema. We endeavour to mark out the complex field of documentary and fictional film history in order to encourage interplay and crossovers between these two traditional genres. Our understanding of ‘cinéma du réel’ is striking, fleshed-out creation that observes and questions the world in order to discover identities, memories and utopias – creative practices derived from personal, intimate experience, with mature narratives telling stories that are imaginary and yet true. The Cinema faculty: a testing ground for cinematographic adventures.

Two options: film Directing and Editing
From 2017/2018 onwards, the BA formation will offer two options : Directing and Editing. After a common core for the first year, the students will choose between those two options for the rest of their BA course.

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Head of Department
Nicolas Wadimoff

Scientific deputy


Teaching staff

Invited speakers

Claire Atherton, Alain Cabaux, Caroline Champotier, Xavier Christiaens, Michaël Cinquin, Rudy Decelière, Claire Doyon, Nadia El Fani, Thomas Favel, Alexandre Galand, Philippe Grandrieux, Pascale Granel, Eugène Green, Mike Hoolboom, Nicolas Klotz, Julien Lacheray, Alice Leroy, Elina Lowenshon, Nathalie Richard, Ben Rivers, Alice Rohrbacher, Sonja Rossier, Pierre Schlesser, Marcos Uzal, Orsola Valenti, Thomas Voltzenlogel