TALKING HEADS is a public lecture series offering one Wednesday per month, a meeting with a leading figure of contemporary creation.  Artist, designers, architects, critics, curators, filmmakers, authors from all backgrounds, are invited to share their experience with a specialist personality of their work. Sponsored by Payot Libraire.

TALKING HEADS 2017 - 2018:

Saturday, September 30th 2017
11h00 SIMON HUSSLEIN, designer in conversation with Jan GeipelHead of Space Design Department 
14h30 FELIPE RIBON, designer & RYOKO SEKIGUCHI, writer 

Thrusday, October 19th 2017
19h00 SERGE RUFFIEUX, Artistic Director of Couture house Carven and President of the HEAD Fashion show's jury 2017, in conversation with JEAN-BAPTISTE TALBOURDET, Creative Director of M (Le Monde's magazine) and JEAN-PIERRE BLANC, director of International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères
19h00 JOANA HADJITHOMAS & KHALIL JOREIGE, filmakers and lebanese arts