Bachelor in Illustration

Within HEAD’s Visual Communication department, the new BA in Illustration focuses on practices based on images and narration: illustration, graphic novel and animation. Over three years, students acquire traditional and digital tools to develop their approach as authors. They experiment with drawing and image creation techniques in all their forms. They practice their skills in storytelling, scriptwriting or formulating messages. The course encourages students to be curious and critical of the surrounding culture, from fine arts to theatre, film, music, digital arts, literature and video games.

Teaching aims to help students master working methods as well as technical and theoretical skills, develop personal projects in the workshop and provide services to external clients. The particularity of this Bachelor’s degree is that it complements the learning process with graphic design fundamentals, which enable students to adapt their projects to different communication media, such as book publishing and audio-visual or digital productions, and to carry out commissioned work, which will promote successful professional integration. A series of lectures and workshops given by professionals in the field help students develop a personal visual culture while raising their awareness of our contemporary world’s social and artistic issues.

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Peggy Adam, Bruno Aeberli, Bastien Aubry, Marion Bareil, Baptiste Brunello, Charline Colette, Collection Revue, Vincent De Vevey, Christoffer Ellegaard, Karen Gliozzo-Schmutz, Eileen Hofer, Raynald Métraux, Rebecca Metzger, Cécile Monnier, Karl Nawrot, Thomas Perrodin, Nadia Raviscioni, Irène Schoch, Sammy Stein, Pierre Schilling, Aurélie William Levaux