Master in Fine Arts - TRANS – Socially Engaged Art Practices

TRANS– master provides a practical and reflective framework for those who want to develop socially committed artistic practices based on forms of co-creation with people who do not define themselves as artists, and whose horizon is social transformation. Alternating between collective work and personal practice, the Master's program trains artists to develop politically situated, sustainable and ethical practices, drawing in particular on critical and feminist pedagogies.

Teaching languages : French (some courses in English). See all language requirements

The Trans specialization of the Master in Fine Arts is taught in French. This programme also includes a number of courses in English, with the option of translation into French as if needed.
Candidates whose high school diploma or Bachelor's degree has not been issued by a French-speaking institution must, after admission, submit by 30 June:
a B2-level French language certificate, based on the global scale of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This certificate must be produced by a language school or other recognized institution.

Candidates who hold an upper-secondary level qualification from a German- speaking Swiss canton or Ticino that includes French as a subject are exempt from the requirement to provide this language certificate.

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Jorgge Menna Barreto, Futuress, Janna Graham, Thomas Hirschhorn, Olivier Marboeuf, Carmen Mörsch, Benoît Piéron, Marie Preston, Greg Sholette, Nora Sternfeld, Tilo Steireif