Master of Arts in Cinema

The two-year master’s course in Cinema is the result of a close partnership between two teaching institutions that have made a name for themselves both in Switzerland and abroad: HEAD Geneva and ECAL. The course aims to help students develop their creative abilities and technical mastery in the fields of documentary and fiction, transmedia, editing, sound, screenplay and writing. Teaching is divided between Geneva and Renens (a suburb of Lausanne). Some of the workshops and classes, including theoretical work, are attended by all the students. Classes are also provided through the Swiss Cinema Network.

We set out to encourage the development of a personal, unusual approach to cinéma d’auteur, and an understanding of every stage of film production. Students acquire specialized skills and grasp the economic and production aspects of film projects, in order to help them integrate into professional circles when they graduate.

Head of department :
Jean Perret – HEAD – Genève & Lionel Baier - ECAL
Coordinater : Anne Delseth
Assistant : Marie-Elsa Sgualdo

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