Master of Arts in Fashion and Accessories Design

The aim of the programme is to train designers capable of providing new aesthetic impulses, whether running their own clothing, accessory or jewellery brands or as artistic directors of established firms. 
As of the 2012-2013 academic year, HEAD – Geneva offers a new master’s course in Fashion and Accessory Design, the only one of its kind in Switzerland. The course is aimed at Swiss and foreign students and young professionals working in fashion and accessories (apparel and accessories in the broad sense: jewellery, watches, spectacles, ‘personal equipment’ and so on) or related disciplines. 

The course focuses on design projects for the human body connected with the individual’s identity and social status issues, activities and needs, and more generally issues of lifestyle and Zeitgeist. It sets out to strengthen designers’ creative skills in appropriating their own language, stylistic vocabulary and world. They must be able to translate these elements into collections and products that respond to contemporary or future social issues and put them to use in various contexts. 

Knowledge of products and technical skills will give designers an overall mastery of design, production and distribution processes. In today’s globalized markets, creativity has become a crucial means of competitive differentiation and success. This course fits neatly into this context, combining skills in design and artistic direction. It trains designers for senior positions in the fashion and accessory sector (creation, production, distribution, marketing, communication and product positioning). Their strength is their ability to adapt their creativity to shifts in the market – a cooperative, systemic creativity that includes creation, design, production, distribution and communication. The aim is to train innovative creators who can provide a new aesthetic impulse either as self-employed designers with brands of their own or as design managers or artistic directors working for established brands. 

This master’s course is part of the University of Applied Sciences and Art Western Switzerland’s Master of Arts degree in Design, provided by HEAD – Genève and the ECAL. Several cross-cutting modules are provided jointly by both institutions.

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Arpent Studio (Thomas Massias & Raphaël Brisson), Hélène Balle, Julie Billaud, Jean-Pierre Blanc, Marion Braizaz, Julie Dekegeeler, Stéphanie D’heygère, Sophear Froment, Christiane Luible, Krzysztof Lukasik, Valentina Maggi, Sophie Romiguier, François Schaffter, Syra Schenk, Lucas Sponchiado, Faustine Steinmetz, Florence Tétier, Tineke Van der Meer, Wendy Jim (Helga Ruthner& Hermann Fankhauser)