Bachelor in Product Design - Jewellery and Accessory

HEAD – Genève is the only university in Switzerland to offer a bachelor’s course in Jewellery and Accessory Design, specializing in personal products: watches, jewellery and accessories in the broad sense of the term, including ‘smart’ products. The design and manufacture of such products – from single items to whole ranges – form the core of a course in which acquisition of technical skills and knowledge of materials is combined with mastery of the process of design and project methodology. Watch Design is taught in partnership with watch manufacturers or experts from the watchmaking sector; HEAD also offers courses in watch culture and specialized lectures. 

The historical and sociocultural context of the relationship between the individual, the product and its design is explored. Students also learn about the realities of marketing, management and how to enhance their personal portfolios in response to the demands of a specific market. Development of a personal creative language is part of a conceptual approach to the various processes of product design, prototyping, manufacture and communication. The designer is encouraged to develop a personal outlook and given the tools to respond to market demands in a regional, national and international context. The lectures, workshops and projects are supported by numerous external experts and partnerships with actors in the sector. All these features make this an outstanding and distinctive course with an international appeal.

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Head of Department
David Roux-Fouillet

Scientific Deputy
Nina Gander

Scientific Collaborator
Stéphanie Van Zwam


Lucile Burnier
Cyril De Froment

Teaching staff
Yves Corminboeuf
François Dumas
Elizabeth Fischer
Joëlle Gagliardini
Magdalena Gerber Muriel
Fabrice Schaefer
Valérie Ursenbacher


Invited speakers

Astrid Alberto, Tiffany Bähler, Magda Brozda, Valentina Brugnatelli, Vanessa Cron, Pauline Famy,  Loïc Fankhauser, Naomi Filmer, Marie-France de Crécy, Aurore De Geer, Ambroise Degenève, Juan Sebastian Galan Bello, Eva Gaumé, Iulia Hasdeu, Roland Kawczynski, Krzysztof Lukasik, Cécile Nanjoud Jérémy Tarian, Patricia Teresi Valérie Vollmuth, Silvia Weidenbach, Donatella Zappieri

Jewellery & Accessory

Invited speakers

Aldo Bakker, Brigitte Berthet, Nicole Brémond, Cécile&Roger, Charlotte Cochet, Adele Cresta, Vanessa Cron, Stéphanie d’Heygère, Jeff Gaudinet, Erik Halley, Jiyoun Han, Iulia Hasdeu, Sandra Leopizzi, Dorothée Loustalot, Krzysztof Lukasik, Antoine Sandoz, Vicki Sarge, Jérémy Tarian, Lorenzo, Vallone, Nadia Yousfi-Picenni, Annick Zufferey

Chair in watch design

A course option as part of the Fashion, Jewellery and Accessory Design Department 

Watch Design is a course dedicated to watchmaking design and culture. Students learn about watchmaking design and the marketing and strategic challenges, trends and heritage issues relating to the watchmaking industry. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to work in the field of watchmaking design, either for watchmaking global brands or watch munufacturers. 

The teaching staff, which includes international professionals from the watchmaking industry and experts from the field, offer the following programme: 

Watchmaking manufacture and design 
Watchmaking Drawing
Understanding of watchmaking products
Watchmaking complications (in association with the microengineering departement of hepia)
Packaging design and product environment
Advanced 2D design (Adobe Suite) 
Advanced 3D modelling and rendering 
History of watchmaking (in association with Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie) 
Marketing of luxury and watchmaking products 
Brand analysis
Creative projects in association with watchmaking brands

Students will follow the lectures from the core courses of the Bachelor in Product/Jewellery and Accessory Design of the Masters in Fashion and Accessory Design programmes.

Course Leader
Valérie Ursenbacher

Cyril De Froment