Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design

At the crossroads between design and art, science and new technologies, the bachelor’s course in Fashion Design at the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD Geneva) offers students an educational network of practical transversal training.

Among its main focuses are the influence of contemporary culture and sociological change on fashion aesthetics, as well as international partnerships with leading fashion universities and famous designers. At the same time, since fashion design is a rich and complex global industrial sector, the course aims to give students the reflective tools they need in order to understand its codes.


Head of Department

Scientific deputy


Teaching staff

Invited speakers

Barbara Polla, Stéphane Bonvin, Nicole Brémond, Adrian Coville, Sebastien Fasel, Alexandre Fiette, Jeff Gaudinet, Fabienne Kilchör, Natasha Malanitcheva,  Nadia Picenni, François Schaffter, Sabine Schechinger