Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design

The Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design at the Geneva University of Art and Design is situated at the crossroads of design and art, science and new technologies, and offers its students a pedagogical network of cross-disciplinary practices.
The influence of contemporary culture and sociological changes on fashion aesthetics is one of the main focuses of the Fashion Design program, as is the international opening in partnership with major fashion universities and renowned designers. Fashion design is a global industrial sector that is as rich as it is complex, and the challenge of the Fashion Design program is to provide its students with the tools they need to think about the industry and make it their own. 

The project culture in Fashion Design, developed over the three years of the Bachelor's program, is articulated in a succession of creative, theoretical and technical workshops that offer our students the opportunity to explore, in turn, the design of clothing, research on accessories and finally the conceptualization of a collection project. The sum of these experimental projects constitutes a strategic balance between the development of a personal stylistic vocabulary and the design of a product adapted to the expectations of a multicultural market, around the same passion. Fashion.

Teaching language : French. See all language requirements

Bachelor's studies at HEAD – Genève are in French.

Candidates whose upper-secondary level qualification has not been issued by a French-speaking institution must, once they have been admitted, submit a B2-level French certificate by 31 August.
Candidates do not have to submit this B2-level French certificate if they hold:

  • an upper-secondary level qualification from a German-speaking Swiss canton or from Ticino that includes French as a subject.
  • a tertiary level A qualification (Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification of at least 180 ECTS credits) in which French is the official language of instruction.

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Head of Department
Lutz Huelle

Scientific Deputy

Nina Gander

Scientific Collaborator
Victor Prieux

Brigitte Dianzambi
Quentin Langlet
Madeline Ribeiro

Teaching staff
Valentine Ebner
Raul Egloff
Aude Fellay
Elizabeth Fischer
Joëlle Gagliardini
Magdalena Gerber Muriel
Emilie Meldem
Vanessa Schindler
Sabine Schechinger Pose 

Invited speakers

Hansruedi Burri, Iulia Hasdeu, Laurence Imstepf, Natacha Malanitcheva, , Dinie van den Heuvel, Tineke Van der Meer, François Schaffter, Pauline Famy, Camille Bühler, Madgalena Brozda, Mariel Manuel, Jasmina Barshovi, Harry Bradshaw, Cécile Nanjoud