Master Media Design

Interaction Design, Game Design, Connected objects
Creating tomorrow’s connected experiences

In this MA programme, you will explore the future of interactive design through the production of new types of products, experiencesand interfaces. At the end of the course, you will master the various practical, playful and experimental aspects of your profession, Interaction Designer.

During the course, you will design and create prototypes for connected objects and interactive services and experiences for everyday life. This process is based on a fine understanding of user experience issues as well as the management of design and prototyping processes in product and information design. By training as an interaction designer, you will also learn to manage future ethical and cultural issues in order to anticipate the impact of digital technology on our daily life, in an inventive way.

In the first year teaching focuses on the tools and technical skills required for the creation of new applications for contemporary technology: human-oriented interactive prototypes, design workshops and the creation of immersive experiences and development of prospective scenarios. Parts of the workshops are led in association with professionals, scientists, engineers and artists who will monitor your work while also providing you with a basic network for your future professional integration. Theory seminars and intro­duction to research methods supplement this programme.

The second year focuses on the production of your graduation project which includes a Master’s thesis and a practical project. Supervised by a tutor, you will carry out this work all the way from its design to its actual production. 

For Interactive Design, Industrial Design, Visual Communication or Computer Science graduates, this MA programme will lead to career prospects in the fields of the creative industry, research and entrepreneurship.

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Alexia Mathieu

Nicolas Baldran
Félicien Goguey

Teaching staff

Invited speakers

James Auger, Marie Dommenget, Lalya Gaye, Natalie Kane, Jürg Lehni, Anette Lenz, Matteo Loglio, Stéphanie Mader, Daniel Pinkas, Studio Z1