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Dans le cadre du cycle de conférences MIDIS ARCHI, vous êtes cordialement invité.e.x.s par le département architecture d'intérieur de la HEAD – Genève à assister à la conférence de Studioser qui aura lieu le mardi 28 novembre 2023 de 13h00 à 13h45.  

Studioser merges ideas by Rina Rolli and Tiziano Schürch since 2019. They continue to join forces with others, collaborating on projects in and around Zurich, Ticino, and Barcelona. In their practice, they take inspiration from the location at hand, as they believe that architecture must be born and find its reason to exist starting from the environment in which it is inserted. By learning from the social-historical background of a place, clues from the past can be found and transformed into newly defining characteristics. This allows them to create punctual interventions which base on the specificity of a place, juggling between the urban scale and the minute detail. 


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MIDIS ARCHI - Studioser "Revealing Encounters"
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