Machine Learning - Patrick - Margot Herbelin
© HEAD – Genève, Margot Herbelin
AlternatePath - Dorian Jovanovic
© HEAD – Genève, Dorian Jovanovic
The Visit - Mathias Messerli
© HEAD – Genève, Mathias Messerli
Bestiarius - David Humberset
© HEAD – Genève, David Humberset
Corail Typographie - Claudia Dussex & Sara Gamito
© HEAD – Genève, Claudia Dussex & Sara Gamito
Faust - Leonie Courbat
© HEAD – Genève, Leonie Courbat
Truth - Mailys Deck
© HEAD – Genève, Mailys Deck
KURAKANI - Elie Hofer
© HEAD – Genève, Elie Hofer
Room for Hong - Hanla Kim
© HEAD – Genève, Hanla Kim
Odiosis Fungus - Louise Monnard & Sofia Rodriguez-soares
© HEAD – Genève, Louise Monnard & Sofia Rodriguez-soares
Meurtre à Ravendal - Louka Najjar & Nathan Zweifel
© HEAD – Genève, Louka Najjar & Nathan Zweifel
Melokaan - Moussa Ndiaye
© HEAD – Genève, Moussa Ndiaye
Heritage - Omar Fiusa
© HEAD – Genève, Omar Fiusa
Reality and Imagination - Fabienne-noemi Matzener
© HEAD – Genève, Fabienne-noemi Matzener
Mission Ashen Void - Tamara Bakir
© HEAD – Genève, Tamara Bakir

Co-create with an Artificial Intelligence

Mars 2023

We observe a radical evolution in the field of image and text generation with the popularization of tools using deep learning (which we will call "artificial intelligence"), such as Dall-E, Midjourney, Stable diffusion, Disco Diffusion, Gpt 3 and others. Moreover, artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of text and image have, in recent months, taken a very important step forward: opening up new and absolutely unheard-of creative possibilities that we argue as essential to understand and critique. These AIs have also become new creative tools, so we have to test them and experiment with their affordances without any preconceived ideas: in order to find new design uses and possibilities.

Within the framework of this workshop, we produced various narrations involving - in a fictional or historical way - artificial intelligences. These produced narratives were embodied by different forms: from images, posters, animations, shorts, books or games. This workshop enabled us to explore different ways to deploy and build dialogues between AIs and our creative processes: finding ways to communicate and produce new meanings in symbiosis with these emerging tools.

Matias Ayuda
Tamara Bakir
Leonie Courbat
Mailys Deck
Claudia Dussex
Omar Fiusa
Sara Gamito
Margot Herbelin
Elie Hofer
David Humberset
Dorian Jovanovic
Hanla Kim
Fabienne-noemi Matzener
Mathias Messerli
Louise Monnard
Louka Najjar
Moussa Ndiaye
Felipe Nogueira
Sofia Rodriguez-soares
Nathan Zweifel

Étienne Mineur


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