FRASER MUGGERIDGE: Type Design without designing type

Saturday, March 11 - Sunday March 12
Design Room
ave. de Châtelaine 5
1203 Genève

The Center for Future Publishing, in collaboration with HEAD-Genève, is thrilled to present the first event in Switzerland dedicated to the renowned English graphic designer, Fraser Muggeridge. This initiative includes an experimental workshop and a talk that will explore the techniques and design processes related to typography.


The disciplines of typography and type design have become merged. With more and more well designed fonts released to the market everyday with greater choice, how do designers make a decision and create uniqueness in their work by using fonts that have characteristics defined by the type designer, not the graphic designer? This workshop will focus on the creation of new fonts from existing fonts with any tools at your disposal. Three strands will be explored: using and abusing parametric typeface design software, manipulation of existing fonts using type software in unconventional ways, and repurposing computer programs intended for other uses.It is concerned with thinking about the creation of fonts in a new way. Can you design type in an automated way without designing the specific letters themselves? Californian type designer Jeffery Keedy wrote: 'Whenever I start a new job and try to pick a typeface, none of the typefaces give me the voice that I need.
They just don't relate to my experiences in my life. They're about somebody else's experiences, which don't belong to me.’ Emigre, No.15, 1990. pp.16-17.

Fraser Muggeridge is a typographic designer based in London. He founded and is a tutor at Typography Summer School, a week-long programme of typographic study for recent graduates and professionals, held in London (since 2010) and New York (since 2013). He is a visiting lecturer at The University of Reading (since 2003) on the MA Book Design Course and visiting professor at Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík, Iceland. He completed a practice-based PhD entitled ‘A Knowing Wrongness: Innovation in graphic design through combinations of traditional mastery and deliberately unconventional techniques’ at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia, in January 2022.

Workshop (FREE) - limited places available (only 10)
Please send your application and your portfolio (10 pages PDF maximum) to:
Deadline - March 2, 2023

Author and art director - Demian Conrad
Project manager - Giulia Saya
Graphic designer - Chantal Hochuli



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