Distortion Series 2023: Talking to Robots

March 6 2023 
4.30pm to 6.30pm 
Online on Zoom: click here to register

The topic of "Talking to Robots" delves into the human-computer interactions in the era of machine learning and automation. With the rapid advancement of AI, we have witnessed the emergence of tools such as OpenAI's ChatGPT and other image generators like MidJourney and DallE. While crafting a writing prompt has become a skill to master, this latest installment of the "Distortion" series aims to go beyond it. The focus will be on the datasets that serve as a platform for new concepts, and the novel interfaces and virtual worlds that can be created with the use of machine learning. The series of lectures will give us a glimpse of the interactive experiences that lie ahead. "Talking Robots" is a follow-up to the AI Cultures conference held at Media Design in 2019 and will be held online, featuring a roster of artists and designers who have been working with robots for some time now.

Computational Mama - Ambika Joshi
Oio Studio

4.30pm -  Superposition 
5.00pm -  Matteo Loglio from oio studio 
5.30pm -  Computational Mama 
6.00pm -  Crosslucid



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