Symposium Terror on Tour

Jeudi 8 Novembre 2018 - Samedi 10 Novembre 2018

HEAD – Genève
Boulevard Helvétique 9
1205 Genève

Anthroposcreams, Desert(ed) Destinations & Wilding Weather... Wish You Were Here proposes a conceptual consideration of terror and travel in dialogue with climate concerns. Terror and touring in all forms are irreducible to the so-called Anthropocene: as the stable, mild climate state of the Holocene recedes, change is imposed under looming threats of extinction and disaster. Increased tourism adds more carbon dioxide to the problems, even as one new climate refugee is displaced every second. While scholars rethink longstanding assumptions about progress, history and the human, entrepreneurs develop new niches in dark, disaster, misery and extinction tourism. Meanwhile, activists call for slowing and de-growth, residents of Venice and Barcelona organize anti-tourist protests, whilst proposed airport expansions provoke militant citizen resistance (such as ZAD in France).

Terror On Tour is an international network of interdisciplinary academics and artists whose research practices engage with intersections of terror and travel. After three successful interventions - at the University of Roehampton, UK (2015), the University of Chichester, UK (2016) and the University of Innsbruck, Austria (2017) - Terror on Tour 2018 seeks to further cross physical, conceptual, and disciplinary borders in an event convened at HEAD – Genève and co-organized with The Anthropocene Atlas of Geneva.

At each of the events, keynote speakers and curated panels for the presentation of papers were programmed with theatre performances, film screenings, dance, installations, exhibitions and workshops. As the project travelled to different locations, the directions of the critical paths have been influenced by the ‘nomadicism’ central to the project.

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Symposium Terror on Tour Anthroposcreams, Desert(ed) Destinations & Wilding Weather... Wish You Were Here
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