Gay Couple, Particula Coke

Jeudi 26 Avril 2018 - Samedi 12 Mai 2018

HEAD, Bâtiment Général-Dufour
Espace d'exposition | Cinéma Salle Robert Kramer
Rue de Hesse 5, 1204 Genève
Du mercredi au samedi, 14h - 19h

Une proposition de Gay Couple 
Vernissage le 26 avril à 18h
Israel Urmeer du collectif Biquini Wax EPS

Particula Coke Afterparty avec DJ Rui Ho

The heavy weight of dumbness and paralyzation brought us to another level of ignorance. The pure joy of drinking the dark water everywhere we wanted to.

At the subatomic level, bodies of energy and matter collapse into tiny frictions, get transformed and attach to each other by reaction, complicity or who knows what obscure logic. All things exist in motion and hold together in the midst of the chaos, mutual excitement and uncertainty of a nuclear party where no one leaves like they came. 

An hypothetical molecule exists when the bouncing individual atoms find each other in ideas, passions, and vices. Even if unstable, erratic, complicated, the compound sticks together because the mass and energy produced is brimming over. 

When particles fuck themselves badly they produce this thing called Dark Matter. The process gives the physicists clues about how the particles interact on steroids, amphetamines and sociopathic behaviors. Apparently dark matter is a bitch and does not interact with the electromagnetic force.  Some say dark matter is love; energy, karma; dead cousins floating off this world into others. 

I met a hippie in Vevey that told me that that Geneva's bad energy comes from the largest particle accelerator in the world: The Large Hardon Collider. Inside the Hardon the particles collide together at the speed of light. No wonder the hippie from Vevey was afraid of Geneva. Others, less esoteric, blame the banks for Geneva’s vibe. I even heard a lady in Cornavin station blaming Calvino for her miserable life, but she spoke in a language that I couldn’t qui te understand... maybe I got the whole thing wrong.

Another false prophet told me: ferment (create), distill (edit,condense), digest (the experience) if you can.

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Gay Couple, Particula Coke
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