Natalia Solomatine


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Téléphone direct +41 22 558 62 91

In 1993 Nathalie Solomatine was graduated with high honors in Product Design Departement from HEAD-Geneva and joined the fashion designer team of Ernst Walder A propos (Zurich). In 1995 she launched her own label Solo-Mâtine in Geneva. Having always been proudly international at heart, from the early stages of the label, she chooses to produce her collections industrially in Czech Republic. The Solo-Matine collection was sold in more than 7 countries, 20 cities and more than 30 stores. Since 2014 Natalia works as a senior designer in a sustainable approach in the pattern cutting developed by She implements these antic byzantine principals of natural dyes, cloth cutting calling Zero Waste Fashion Design to the industrial process of ready to wear. That principal offers a new aesthetic with ecological ethic and slow-fashion thinking.

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