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Natalia N. Solomatine is a fashion designer she was born in 1972 in Moscow, Soviet Union. Since 1995 she is the author of many collections, costumes, performances, exhibitions and publications signed by Solo-Matine. Since 2014 she is working in a new kind of fashion approach in the pattern cutting developed by a fashion label


Since 1995 – YOUNG FASHION TIME, In 1993 Natalia Solomatine was graduated with high honors in fashion design product from HEAD-Geneva and joined the fashion designer team of Ernst Walder A propos (Zurich). In 1995 she went back to Geneva and launched her own label Solo-Mâtine

The Solo-Matine collection was extended into a complete womanswear line. Having always been proudly international at heart, from the early stages of the label, she chooses to produce her collections industrially in Czech Republic. She has also produced limited editions in several color options and sizes. Since its beginning in 1995, the Solo-Matine collection was sold in more than 7 countries, 20 cities and more than 30 stores in Paris, Zurich, Moscow, Barcelona, London, Milan, Tel-Aviv, Lyon, Strasbourg, Besançon, Marseille, Cannes, St-Tropez, Geneva, Montreux, Fribourg, Lausanne, Bern, Basel, Lucerne, Fribourg.


Since 2002 – BETWEEN ART&FASHION Solo-Matine has chosen the Red Light District (Pâquis, Geneva) as the place for her design creative studio l’appart (2002-2014)  a free-standing shop in Geneva. At that period, largely inspired by the contemporary art, her artistic sensibility was also translated through the brand's inventive advertising campaigns as Fashion Films elaborate as creative trio with lacava (Greg Coletta, film-maker) and pHlegm (Alexandre Zoudov, sound design). Since the 2000, her collections are shown as performances and happenings in the contemporary art museums and galeries: for the mudac opening lausanne, artenile – geneve, National Swiss Museum-Zurich, Art-Strelka – Moscow, HSFG- Basel, BFM, Arditi-Wilsdorf, Fluxlaboratory and Comedie de Genève.


Since 2009 – COSTUMES THEATER WORK Several collaborations with theaters, contemporary dance, festivals and cinema. The concept of costumes signed by Solo-Mâtine, with the new logic and the way of thinking for Comedie de Geneve ( 2000, 2009-2011), Anne Bisang cie (2012), Le Cabaret cie (2014), Carolie2Corniere (2011), Mapping Festival(2010, 2014), Chilly Gonzales-Paris (2011), Alexander Solovieuv’s Films- Moscow (2012), Art-party costumes and Bolshoi Theater-Moscow (2015).

Since 2014 – A NEW AESTHETIC FOR FASHION INDUSTRY Natalia N.Solomatine works in a new kind of fashion approach in the pattern cutting developed by a fashion label As a designer she implements these antic byzantine principals of cloth cutting (using the totality of fabrics) to the industrial process of ready to wear. That principal offers a new aesthetic, shapes with ecological and slow-fashion thinking.



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