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Connected trees SEGGA project

Connected trees SEGGA

Global electronic tree management solution
Trees are essential to the quality of life of city residents. In order to fulfill...

Project digiMABS


Digital method for efficient analysis and evaluation of road infrastructure projects
The digiMABS project aims to establish a...

PLANETE project


The PLANETE project (PLANts, Energy & TEmperature) combines vegetated roofs and solar panels and compares the functioning of...

Logo BimQ plateform

Software architecture interpretation of a BIM platform

The formulation of the demand for digital information is an important step in the application of the BIM methodology. The BimQ...

Use Case BIM project

Use Case BIM

Two new use cases for the «Use Case Management» platform of buildingSMART International    
Ingenieur-Geometer Schweiz (IGS)...

Etang du BIT


Multi-purpose urban water basins for better living comfort
The objective of the CONFORTO project is to define the characteristics...

Végétalisation de façade et de toiture


Green facades and roofs of the GIBOR project – providing biodiversity in the dense city
With the greening of its roof and facades...

Projet Impulse Subsurface du groupe MIC

Impulse subsurface: Subsurface volume prediction

Optimisation of data exploitation for the management of urban subsurface volumes. The project focuses on establishing a...

Visuel bâtiment multifonctionnel

Multifunctional buildings

The separation of architectural functions that marked urban planning and architecture in the past century is now inadequate to...

Journée de formation Terres Vivantes

Terres Vivantes

Improving soil quality: a project carried out for and by Jura farmers
Terres Vivantes (2019-2026) aims to develop the capacity of...