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Institute for Industrial Sciences and Technologies

Institute for Industrial Sciences and Technologies

The research activities of the Institute for Industrial Sciences and Technologies (inSTI) are developed in the fields of mechanical engineering and micro-techniques. The inSTI Institute sees itself as a partner of choice in matters of research and development for the local and regional industrial fabric and for communities.

The Institute commercially develops its aR&D activities, firstly through transfers of technology towards the economy (CTI projects, EU projects, mandates, etc.) and secondly through scientific publications and participation in conferences. Furthermore, it considers it particularly valuable to establish strong collaboration with certain partners, whether they are industrial, governmental, quasi-governmental or academic.

It is also in close contact with the advanced technology laboratory (LTA) enabling industrialists to make a unified approach to both HEPIA and the University of Geneva to formulate a requirement in terms of mandates or research.

All of the skills of the Institute are applied in four areas.

Strategic focus

  • Bio-engineering
  • Industry 4.0
  • Fluid mechanics and energy
  • Materials and nanotechnologies

Research groups of the inTECH Institute


Head of the inSTI Institute
Marc Jobin

+41 22 546 24 16