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Research activities

The Institute has five strategic policies which constitute the common thread of all of the applied research and development (aR&D) activities and services to the community.

The strategic policies:

  • Building and sustainable development
  • Energy, building and territory
  • Management and organisation of construction and territorial projects
  • Urban and territorial hydraulics
  • Landscape, nature and city

All of these areas of action are run by qualification groups.


The qualification groups are operational entities which enable the implementation of strategic policies.

Each qualification group brings together the contributors who are most specialised in the particular field, as well as suitable equipment and methods.

These groups are available for:

  • aR&D projects
  • consulting services for the private sector and administration (institutions, municipalities, canton)
  • expert appraisals
  • conferencies, seminars or specific training courses.

Furthermore, according to the requirements of the project/mandate, each group may can count on the numerous skills existing provided by the three other institutes of HEPIA.

Towards the qualification groups of the inPACT Institute