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Institute of Landscape, Architecture, Construction and Territory

Institute of Landscape, Architecture, Construction and Territory

The inPACT Institute's convergence of skills in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, civil engineering and building technologies is unique in Francophone Switzerland.

The mission of inPACT is to develop innovative solutions for the built environment of the future. We are a competent, neutral and privileged interlocutor of industry and public authorities, well linked to the professional and economic tissue of Switzerland.

The Institute's mindset is influenced by the specific territorial constraints of the Greater Geneva conglomeration, accepting the challenge of reconciling growth in a limited territory while retaining a worldwide recognized quality of life.

Strategic focus

  • Building and sustainable development
  • Energy, building and territory
  • Management and organisation of construction and territorial projects
  • Urban and territorial hydraulics
  • Landscape, nature and city

inPACT promotes the landscape and environmental component as a common reference and indicator of the territorial project. Through its various applied research activities and mandates, the Institute incorporates specific questions related to sustainability, ecology, structural performance, economy, renewable energies, Smart Buildings and the development of innovative structures.

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