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Adaptation of housing for the elderly (ADGA)

Keeping the elderly at home, largely supported by public policy, aims to preserve the quality of life of the elderly, despite the...

Visuel 3D projet Concorde


Based on the modelling of the La Concorde project, production of communication media, including a large-format 3D print of the...

Logo LaPAGE project


LaPAGE is a research project that aims to set up a transversal and dynamic landscape observatory website. It is linked to Geneva...

Mandate on the energy challenges of Geneva

In partnership with the Cantonal Office of Energy (OCEN), the Buildings and Energy group participates in the development of the...

Photo opportunita


Circular synergies for an efficient market
The project aims to disseminate and stimulate the culture of efficient resource...

Immeuble de la fondation


Management tool for the renovation of property assets
The Reno-Ve project consisted of developing, for a real-estate foundation...

Photo architecture vernaculaire

Vernacular architecture

Vernacular language in contemporary architectural practice
In the contemporary debate on sustainable development, vernacular...

Photo Anières 3D


3D visualization of the development project at the heart of the municipality including the generation of an existing framework in...

photo bet_color

Bet Color

Research on accelerated aging of coloured concrete.

Photo projet paysage cantonale de Genève

Cantonal landscape design of Geneva

Methodology and implementation of a cantonal design of the landscape
As part of this partnership with the Canton of Geneva, a...