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Publishing artistic research

October 2021 to June 2022

Leading institutions: HEAD – Genève, HEM
Project leaders: Anthony Masure, Rémy Campos
Project team: NN
Financing: HES-SO Genève Fonds d'innovation et de développement
Co-financing: HEAD – Genève, HEM

The results of research in art and design are presented in a wide variety of formats, each of which refers to different fields, methodologies, audiences and instances of legitimization that do not necessarily overlap. In addition to the usual media for disseminating academic research (books, articles published in scientific journals, communications at conferences, etc.), there are performances, exhibitions, prototypes, scores, audio/video recordings, platforms, project-specific websites, etc. The HEAD – Genève and the HEM want to develop innovative media aimed at better valorizing the methods and results of research-creation, either through a redesign of their respective websites and/or through the development of a specific platform. In the long run, the aim is to create innovative tools that take into account the specificities of the formats of restitution of research in art and design, while being concerned with inserting them into the international standards of diffusion and evaluation of the knowledge produced.

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