Archetype Gucci Garden, by Gucci for Roblox, May 2021
© Gucci

Fashion narratives

January 2022 to June 2023

Leading institution: HEAD – Genève
Applicant: Alexia Mathieu
Project team: Alexia MathieuDouglas Edric Stanley
Financing: HES-SO
Co-financing: HEAD – Genève
keywords: Research-creation, digital fashion, fashion, digital design, digital clothing, interactive storytelling

This research-creation project aims to reinvent digital fashion, whose productions are mostly limited to the customization of avatars in video games or online showrooms. To do so, we propose to design a multi-support interactive narrative, where one can discover, wear, interact and share a garment, wear, interact and share a digital garment. This experience will explore the potential of video game mechanisms in this field. Anchored in an iterative prototyping process, this project is thus situated at the intersection of interactive narration user research and digital fashion. It will be aimed at the general public, professionals in the fashion world and digital design.

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