E+K, Davinci’s Insights, posters F4, 2023
© Photo Morgan Carlier
Anthony Masure, Artificial Design, 2023
© Photo Guillaume Colligon
Anthony Masure, Artificial Design, 2023
© Jimmy Roura

Design and machine learning: automation in power?

November 2021 to June 2022

Subject to numerous technical and epistemological controversies, machine learning technologies have been finding their place in the creative industries for several years and reconfiguring design practices. But how can the automation inherent in digital technologies be redirected on a smaller scale, in a controlled and "tailor-made" way? How can machine learning be made to open up invention and curiosity? To answer these questions, we will focus on the field of graphic design in a research-creation perspective: the material collected (surveys and interviews) will serve as an anchor for the production of a semi-functional prototype with an obvious character.

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