Time to Watches 2024

HEAD – Genève will be partnering the Time To Watches trade show on the HEAD Campus from April 10 to 14, 2024.
On the program for this 2024 edition: more than 55 watch brands, conferences and debates on themes that are "shaking up" the industry, exhibitions including that of Time to Watches 2023 prizewinner Lucile Beney, and the Watch&Match market, eagerly awaited by all watch lovers and collectors. 
The school will also be showcasing the latest creations of students from the Chair in Watch Design in a dedicated area.

HEAD students' exhibition : the culmination of a series of workshops
As part of the "MyWayWatch Concept" workshop in the Master's program in Watch Design at HEAD - Geneva, and with the help of consultant Vanessa Lecci, the students created, for the second year running, objects designed to breathe new life into Neuchâtel's clocks. Time to Watches 2024 will host an exhibition of these revisited Neuchâtel clocks: Chapter 2.
See the creations of the students and the winner of the Time to Watches 2023 prize here.

The Watch Design Chair of HEAD – Genève 
The Watch Design Chair offers a specialised course dedicated to watch design and culture. Watchmaking, the Swiss heritage industry par excellence, is a complex field of expression that mixes history with technique, creativity and economy. In fact, there is not one watchmaking industry, but several: the luxury watch, the entry-level watch, the professional watch, the lifestyle accessory. All these watches revolve around a same centre of gravity, design: the heart and soul of everything that makes Swiss watches unique, and its underlying creativity and ability to reinvent itself constantly.
For a long time, the impetus came from the industry itself, but the challenge of creativity has become so predominant that an academic response has become necessary. The Watch Design Chair is precisely intended to complement the industry, to help renew it, as a source of inspiration and innovation, with a sense of freedom and transversality that watch brands, by nature, cannot achieve alone.


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