Student creations -Le Bon Temps - Lisa Dutheil (Master 1)
© HEAD – Genève, Sylvain Leurent
Le Bon Temps - Lisa Dutheil (Master 1)
© HEAD - Genève, Sylvain Leurent
La Valse Perpétuelle - Alois Sauvage (Master 2)
© HEAD - Genève, Sylvain Leurent
Pop Splinter Clock - Séfana Bach (Master 2)
© HEAD - Genève, Sylvain Leurent
La «Neuchâteloise» World Timer - Elie Eliez (Master 2)
© HEAD – Genève, Sylvain Leurent
Pendule Neuchâteloise revisitée Chap.1 pour Time to Watches 2023
© HEAD – Genève , Sylvain Leurent
Dualité - Lucile Beney (Master 1)
© HEAD - Genève, Sylvain Leurent

Chap.2 revisited Neuchâteloise clock for Time to Watches 2024

April 2024

On the occasion of Time To Watches 2024, and as part of the "MyWayWatch Concept" workshop in the Master Design Horloger program at HEAD - Geneva, and with the help of guest lecturer Vanessa Lecci, the students have created, for the second year running, objects designed to breathe new life into Neuchâtel clocks. Time to Watches 2024 will host the exhibition of these revisited Neuchâtel clocks: Chapter 2.

Based on her MyWayWatch concept, Vanessa Lecci has imagined telling the story of an object, the Pendulum, as in a book, linked to the passing eras, valorizing the creativity and personal vision of the Master's students.

This book advances by a new chapter each year, the Past (the beginning) Chapter I; the Present (the today) Chapter II.
Chapter 1-2023, was an Upcycling and Customization of traditional Neuchâtel and historical clocks to honor them while retaining its recognizable silhouette. 

Chapter 2-2024 is a continuation of this work, with the aim of breaking away from the old clock. To transform it, integrating a subtle detail from the original piece. Its silhouette disappears. Each student imagined their own concept, wrote their own story. No constraints, no limits. 
Chapter 2 is the detachment of the past with the vision of today, in the present. This chapter evokes the clock's evolution over time. 
After 12 days of workshops in the 1st and 2nd year Master's courses in watch design, the students came up with 6 unique and original works, with the help of Vanessa Lecci, a renowned enameller based in Neuchâtel, and Valérie Ursenbacher, head of the Chair in watch design. 


Les créations exposées:

Le Bon Temps - Lisa Dutheil 
This clock refers to the elasticity and playfulness that time offers us. It is inspired by the wheels of fortune and reactivates the playful aspect of telling the time through shape and colour. The two Plexiglas discs create a different pattern and clock shape for each user. The design echoes the codes of the Neuchâtel clock: one disk features the stylised forms of the emblematic parts; the other displays a modern, organic design reminiscent of clock decorations and a handle shaped like a pendulum.

Pop Splinter Clock - Séfana Bach
The Pop Splinter Clock represents the second chapter of the rebirth of the emblematic Neuchâtel clock. It retains the aesthetic codes of the Pop Old Clock (minimalism, use of coloured Plexiglas) but now illustrates the deconstruction of this historic timepiece's unique shape. In fact, this new clock features all the characteristic elements and shapes of the Neuchâtel clock, dispersed in an original and creative fashion.

La «Neuchâteloise» World Timer - Elie Eliez 
"Today, the world is a village. It's practical to hear the bells of each church in unison". Traditionally, the Neuchâtel clock is seen as an ancient object, sitting in grandma's house in a small village's rustic interior. The project's objective is to offer a contemporary interpretation of this clock. While retaining the clock's curves and colours, the project illustrates a globalised system with time zones of countries on every continent.

La Valse Perpétuelle - Alois Sauvage
Each season, with its individual palette of colours and moods, sets its own distinct mark on the dial of time, creating a visual symphony that dances to the rhythm of the cycle of life. In the beginning, spring emerges like a fresh dawn, heralding nature's rebirth. Then summer arrives with its fiery energy, painting the world in vivid, fiery hues. Autumn follows, a season of transition when nature takes on ochre and amber tones. Finally, winter sets in, enveloping the world in a shimmering blanket of snow. Nature retreats into a silent, almost motionless sleep.
This project represents time's hold over our world, nature, and seasons. From spring, when things move at their fastest, to the almost motionless winter, and back to the beginning again.

L'exposition de la lauréate du prix Time to Watches 2023, Lucile Beney:
Dualité - Lucile Beney

The positive, forged metal,
The negative, in the same sprayed metal.
Together, they create a world of nuances,
Where metal becomes the witness of this dance.

In this space where metal is king,
Forms and counter-forms follow the same law.
They tell the story of a world in fusion,
Where metal links reality to illusion.

In metal, positive and negative intertwine,
Creating a harmony where every detail has its place.
Metal, a material of contrast and reflection,
Unites shapes and shadows in a secret ballet.


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