Conference AI CULTURES as part of Distortion Series

Thursday 17 October 2019

Campus HEAD – Genève
Le Cube, Bâtiment H
Av de Châtelaine 7
16h00 – 19h30
Free entrance

Conference AI CULTURES as part of Distortion Series by Master Media Design

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are everywhere these days, from pop culture to the general press, and on our pocket computers and networked objects. What does this mean for design and design research? This second instalment of the Distorsion series by Master Media Design at HEAD – Genève will focus on the importance of AI in contemporary cultures of design. Based on a combination of keynotes, process talks and panels, designers, artists and researchers will discuss what designers (can) do with AI both in terms of tools and project opportunities. The afternoon will also focus on the consequences of AI as well as how designer can help investigating AI/AI cultures and machine agencies. The conference will be in english. 


Jürg Lehni, artist and designer, visiting lecturer Master Media Design, Zurich
Andreas Refsgaard, artist and creative coder, Copenhagen 
Jonathan Reus, experimental composor, Amsterdam
Marta Revuelta, designer and alumni Master Media Design, Geneva
Douglas Edric Stanley, artist and professor Master Media Design, Geneva
Rhiannon Williams, Feminist Internet collective, London


4pm – 4.15pm 
Welcome by Alexia Mathieu, Head of Master Media Design 

4.15pm – 4.45pm   
'What is a Feminist AI?' by Rhiannon Williams, Feminist Internet, moderated by Nicolas Nova
Rhiannon William will talk about the ethical responsibilities we have as designers when it comes to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The talk will examine some of the existing biases that are reproduced by AI devices, and how we can instead design AI not only to combat these biases, but also cater to a more diverse range of users.  

4.45pm to 5.15pm  
Ethics & AI by Marta Revuelta 
In her talk, Marta Revuelta, artist and graduate of Master Media Design, will present her research in the field of artificial intelligence and the impact of the facial profiling on our society. She will also share her process as an artist in the field of interaction design.  

5.15pm to 5.45pm  
Performative expression & AI by Jonathan Reus

Jonathan Reus is an experimental composer who explores new ways of music making through technological/critical practices. His musical work emphasizes the performer(s) as storytellers within a world of tools with implications, and often involves deep research into new tools and technologies for musical and performative expression. 

5.45pm to 6pm  

6pm to 6.30pm
Playful Machine Learning byAndreas Refsgaard 
In his talk, Andreas Refsgaard will describe, how machine learning has become an integrated part of the practice as an artist and interaction designer. By enabling people to decide upon, and train their own unique controls for a system, the creative power shifts from the designer of the system to the person interacting with it.The talk will include several of his playful projects, where he actively seeks out unconventional connections between inputs and outputs using simple machine learning techniques. 

6.30pm to 7pm  
Thinking Machines by Jürg Lehni and Douglas Edric Stanley
Thinking Machines is a semester project in which the first year students of Master Media Design will revisit the concept of "personal computers" in the era of neural networks and will explore how the creation of personalized assistants can change their flow of information. creative work. Jürg Lehni and Douglas Edric Stanley will present how Master Media Design addresses the topic of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the field of interaction design. 

7pm to 7.15pm  
*Inside Inside*, an installation by Doulgas Edric Stanley 

Since its beginnings video games have established a * kinesthetic * relationship between the body and the image that allows us to access a new kind of perceptive nervous system. But this remote control system reveals another internal logic :  that the machine in turn can control its user. The installation * Inside Inside * juxtaposes two mediums - cinema and video games - in the process of fantasizing in their own way on the prosthetic powers of the image. Between the two, a neural network observes the images and makes comparisons based on its artificial understanding. The whole built of a very particular device of critical playful analysis.

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