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Research activities

The strategic policies of the Institute are characterised according to four themes and constitute the common thread of all its activities.

Areas of expertise

The Institute is built around four overall key themes, to which are added the more specific skills of the researchers:

  • Bio-engineering: tissue engineering, bio-interface and biocompatibility, biomedical instrumentation and micro-techniques, micro-fluidics and printing, analytical and organic chemistry;
  • Industry 4.0: electronics, mechanical design and digital modelling, optics and image processing, robotics and automation, advanced manufacturing;
  • Fluid mechanics and energy: simulation of flows of the CFD type, aerodynamics, wind tunnel tests, aerodynamics of drones and advanced measurement methods, applied electrical energy;
  • Materials and nanotechnologies: micro-nanotechnology, materials and tribology, development of nano technological instrumentation (particularly microscopy), development of functional thin layers, nanostructures, nanotribo corrosion, non-usual mechanical tests, multi-physical simulation.

All of these areas of action are run by qualification groups.

Each group brings together researchers, technical personnel and laboratories in the particular field, as well as suitable equipment and methods.

Towards the qualification groups of the inSTI Institute