Epistolary Novel and Film Script Part of The Things? – A Trip to Europa, Proposal for serenading outer space creatures with stunts, vibrations, chemistry, light, and live magic, 90 letters and documents, 33 chapters, 300 X 430 mm, 50 pages, Non-Commercial
© Marguerite Humeau
Alien Signal (Black Powder), Extract from Director’s Cut (collector’s edition box set), HD image, designed by Benjamin Penaguin (Le Studio Humain)
© Marguerite Humeau
Film set, Extract from Director’s Cut (collector’s edition box set), HD image, designed by Benjamin Penaguin (Le Studio Humain)
© Marguerite Humeau
The Things? – A Trip to Europa – Prop 1: The Black & The Cloud Prop 1: Air cannon & Cloud of Black Powder similar to the one that the creatures supposedly emit.
© Image © HEAD – Genève (Dylan Perrenoud)
The Things? – A Trip to Europa – Prop 2: inflatable eight-metre-long plane. Prop 2: a vibrating PVC-coated PU inflated black plane (8 meter long
© Image © HEAD – Genève (Dylan Perrenoud).

The Things ? - A Trip to Europa

September 2014 to September 2015

Project leader : Marguerite Humeau
Contact : marguerite.humeau@hesge.ch
Team : Marguerite Humeau, Ka Fai Choy, Charles Chalas
Research Field : Apports théoriques en art en design (Art & Design Studies)   
Duration (début-fin) : 2014-2015
Partners : TAR magazine, Arts Council England
Funding : HES-SO
Outcomes : columns published on the website of 
http://www.the-things-from-an-icy-moon.com, new devices for nine performances, the film simulations in a wave pool.
Planned recovery: exhibition, 2015
Site : http://www.the-things-from-an-icy-moon.com

The Things? - A Trip to Europa is an odyssey-design proposed by Marguerite Humeau and caused by the assumption that creatures live under the ice cap in Europe, the moon of Jupiter.
The Things? - A Trip to Europa is the second part of an ongoing design trilogy that explores the possibilities of communication between several worlds. She is particularly interested in the development of knowledge of ways to get in touch with a distant object investigation, whether extinct prehistoric creatures, unknown forms or extraterrestrial life.

The recent discovery of Black Smokers, these Antarctic volcanoes offering the same living conditions as on Europe, is considered as a major scientific event. Even more amazing, creatures have been found in these craters living in extreme conditions, without oxygen or sunlight. Given the proximity between these two environments, volcanoes on Earth and Europe, Marguerite Humeau questioned whether these creatures are not exact replicas of those that inhabit the moon of Jupiter? The conjecture that could be contacted to volcanoes creatures, and by extrapolation communicate with aliens from Europe, without traveling to another planet, now unthinkable operation, is the starting point of The Things? - A Trip to Europa.

The research will be conducted in three phases and is to specify and design a series of devices 9 / performance called "blockbusters". Each device will aim to explore a different method to communicate with the creatures of volcanoes. Each performance will be filmed.

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