Cartographie de l'aménagement de Genève-centre
© HEAD – Genève
Trois périodes représentatives de la production de logements dédiés à la cellule familiale qui fut jusqu’à ces dernières décennies la norme sociale en suisse et en Europe
© HEAD – Genève

Renouveler la ville depuis l’intérieur

September 2017 to August 2019

Projetct led by: Line Fontana, Professor, Interior Architecture
Project applicant: Line Fontana
Line Fontana, interior architect HESAA
Saskia Zürcher, interior architect HEAD – Genève
Christophe Holz, architect EPFL
Thierry Buache, architect EPFL
Cohann Remy, interior architect HEAD – Genève
Yves Corminboeur, Designer
Partners: David Fagart, Post-Office Architectes, Luca Pattaroni, laboratoire LaSUR EPFL, Guillaume Deron, laboratoire LaSUR EPFL, Sébastien Grosset, philosophe
Contact: Line Fontana
Funding: HES-SO

This study aims to reveal the potential for adaptation and transformation of existing blocks of collective housing, in accordance with the evolving lifestyles in Swiss, and Geneva society in particular. After analysis of a sample of collective housing drawn from the three great periods of urban development in Geneva (1860-1929 / 1929-1945 / 1945-1970), we will identify three as models for which we will develop scenarios aimed at adapting them to a convivial lifestyle based on principles of solidarity, hospitality and sharing. Considering that there is a relationship between the layout of a dwelling and the evolution of lifestyle in any given society, the aim is to express this relationship between human beings and their accommodation through space design and its utilisation.

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